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Friday, January 8, 2016

Elvis Presley Lipsticks

These lipsticks came out in 1956, each color referenced an Elvis Presley song or movie of the era.  I wish they still made these cute lippies! 

 Running Wild Pink was the only color that referred to a movie or song that did not keep it's original title.  The movie "Running Wild" was originally titled "Lonesome Cowboy" but finally changed to "Loving You" instead. 

This is how the lipstick was sold, by the company "Teen-Ager Lipstick Corp, Beverly Hills, Calif," with an attached card that featured this "personal" message from Elvis himself.  Now these lipsticks, with original packaging, sell for around $500 each!

Here are a couple of advertisements I found that premiered these lippies.


I wonder if Priscilla Presley ever tried the Elvis Presley lipsticks when she was a teenage Priscilla (Wagner) Beaulieu in the late 1950's.

 She met Elvis at age 14, in 1959, at a party in Germany where Elvis was taken with her older seeming appearance and manner.  They would later marry in 1967.  

  In her autobiography, Elvis and Me, Priscella talks about how her makeup and style transformed under the influence of Elvis.  I think I'll talk more about Priscella's style icon status in another blog entry...